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05 jun 2018 16:17 #24488 av AlexAmery
AlexAmery skapade ämne: The Gillette NEW

Any other fans?
I've decided that this is my favorite razor.
Nothing beats a NEW with an isreali blade for me.
I actually bought the isreali blades when I was using TTOs, I didn't like them at all with those razors, I didn't like the isrealis in an OLD last week either.
I've tried:The tech (USA fat, USA ball end, UK fat, UK slim)
The Fat Boy, slim and super adjustables.
GEM and ER SE's
1940s aristocrat and superspeed.
1950-1970s superspeeds (1950s blue, red, plain and TV, 1960s plain, 1970s black handled)
OLDs (ball ends and single ring)
As far as blades gillette yellow, gillette green (russia) gillette green india, Bics, feathers, KAIs, croma, WS, Red pack personnas, iridiums.
I like an SE shave, but the blades seem blunter and don't last as long so special occasions only. I don't mind and adjustable with a red pack for a presentable and cheap morning shave for work. Techs are only OK with a sharp blade which a) costs more, b) still more likely to cut you than a red pack or isreali.
But the easiest, quickest, cheapest and best shave is a NEW with an israeli.
Any other fans out there, doing a search showed very little amount of info here about Gillette NEW razors. I only have a common bar and a ball end. As this is my favourite razor I want more of them, but it seems like the only variation is the NEW Deluxe.

Please help

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Thank you

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